Casa Costa

Guimarães, Portugal


Guimarães, Portugal

Habitat Toural

Guimarães, Portugal

Parque da Cidade de Guimarães

Guimarães, Portugal

Baker Spice

Town Center Jumeirah, Dubai

Centro de Estudos

Guimarães, Portugal

São Gonçalo

Guimarães, Portugal

About Us

Saavedra - Arquitectura Engenharia & Imobiliário is a Project Management company founded in 1989, efficient combining consultancy services in the areas of Engineering, Architecture and Real Estate. Since his foundation in 1989, we already designed and constructed more than 200 projects, from interior renovations, houses, apartment buildings, offices, F&B, Masterplans, among others.

As we understand the impact of architecture on contemporary society, our projects incorporate values of sustainability and bioclimatic concepts that can improve the performance of built environments. Our operations have widened to cover a vast spectrum of services, encompassing not only architecture and engineering, but also the areas of interior design, global design sustainability and investment advisory. That versatility has become one of the company´s great strengths, allowing it to maintain high levels of quality and innovation, building bridges of trust and creating solid relationships between all stakeholders.

3,5 M
m2 built
6 sites
In progress

Where are we Different


Everything is an experience, until you have a deadline. That gives you a destination, context, and reason


When we collaborate towards a goal, we are better together

Innovative design

Creativity is when results transcend the challenges they solve


Bringing people together through innovative design is our goal

What We Do


OOur team of architects is focused on collaborating with clients, communities, and companies to design and build all types of buildings.

Interior Design

It's as much about creating an experience as it is about beautiful spaces. If you need a special brand, we have the best professionals to achieve your goals.


Our comprehensive practice covers the full spectrum of engineering services, including civil, industrial, mechanical, structural, municipal, and electrical.

Real Estate

We offer the opportunity to invest in different properties, capable of providing a global and complete solution, maximizing the investment potential.

Project Management

We collaborate with contractors, in line with market value, so that we can offer the best conditions to our customers.


We combine our experience in several areas: Investment Advice, Buildings Acquisition, Financing, Project Management and Sales.

Cost Management

Our team sets the baseline for what a project should cost and takes steps to ensure the project is on budget, in line with the schedule forecasts.

Investment Analysis

Our team is cross-functional, capable of providing a global and complete solution, maximizing investment potential.


Our team provides a global 360-degree solution maximizing investment potential through optimization processes. This includes, amongst others, research, development, construction, and financing.

We work daily to exceed our clients' expectations, meeting deadlines and presenting the best solutions for each project. To undertake this commitment, the motivation of our teams is to analyse each project critically and creatively, always oriented to the best solution. The personal and professional development of our employees is the way to reach the best solutions, surprising and surpassing all challenges with confidence and ambition.

To create value with products and services designed and executed by motivated employees and partners, with the aim of overcoming client expectations, respecting safety rules and social responsibility. To be a recognised brand in the markets and businesses where it operates in, for its competence, its innovation and engineering, ensuring the best solutions to its clients.




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Rua Dr. Carlos Saraiva nº 259 Costa, 4810-026 Guimarães, Portugal